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    Are You Tired of Your Employment Brand?

    Sep 29

    You might be tired of your employment brand…but your candidates aren’t! That’s real. This happens all the time in organizations.  Talent acquisition isn’t feeling successful, or they’re getting pressure to do more/better/faster, and they start looking for excuses.  The one excuse that always comes up is ‘our employment brand is old/tired/sucks, etc.’   It might […]

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  • crappy job

    The Crappy Job Badge of Honor

    Sep 26

    As some of you may have realized from recent posts (Wanted: People Who Aren’t Stupid), I’ve been interviewing candidates recently for the position of Technical Recruiter working for my company HRU. I love interviewing because each time I interview I think I’ve discovered a better way to do it, or something new I should be […]

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    Make HR Suck Less

    Sep 25

    Are you working in a HR department that sucks?  You know if you are, it’s alright, you can admit it – it’s the first step of changing it. I bet I talk to over a hundred HR Pros a year that begin the conversation with – “our HR department sucks!” or “my company doesn’t get […]

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