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    Ask Sackett: Mid Career Change

    Jul 31

    One of the coolest things that happened when I started writing blog posts eight years ago, is people reach out to you and ask you questions.  Random people you don’t know off the internet asking me for my ‘expert’ advice.  It’s scary, comical and flattering all at the same time! This week a question came […]

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    5 Great Excuses To Miss a Co-workers Wedding

    Jul 30

    I had one of my Recruiters ask for some advice this week. It wasn’t work advice, it was a little more personal.  She had told a person she would attend a wedding of a family member with them, but was having second thoughts. It was one of those Holy Crap moments! I don’t really like […]

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    4 Reasons You’ll Leave Your Job on Your Terms

    Jul 29

    There’s a million ways to lose your job.  Layoffs, company closes, smacking an employee on the butt, you name it and someone has lost their job over it! The reality is, though, most people leave their jobs on their own terms and it has nothing to do with more money or a higher level job. […]

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