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    Live from #SHRM15 – HR Ladies are Brave!

    Jul 1

    Kris Dunn and I presented to a packed room at SHRM on Monday on the topic of HR technology and what HR Pros need to be thinking about and doing to bring their own shops into the next decade.  It was great. The attendees asked a ton of questions and were so engaged. I know […]

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    Live from #SHRM15 – We All Just Want Attention

    Jun 30

    Monday’s big keynote speaker was the ever popular Marcus Buckingham.  Marcus has the great English accent, high energy and great leadership content to share. He’s strong every time I’ve seen him, going on way too many times at this point in my life! The big bomb he dropped on the SHRMies this session was the […]

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    Live from #SHRM15 – S#*t HR Tech Salespeople Say!

    Jun 29

    That’s right SHRMies today is the day!  2 pm West Coast time, because you know it’s the best coast, Kris Dunn, and I will be dropping knowledge at SHRM 2015. Our presentation will give you the ins and outs of selecting your next HR and/or Talent technology. We’ll also be talking HR vendor negotiating and […]

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