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    I was fired for taking a 15 Minute dump

    Jul 22

    I believe in natural selection.  When the internet when crazy last week because some little known company was only allowing their employees 6 minutes to use the bathroom each day, I didn’t have a strong reaction.  I didn’t care because I know, from experience, companies only do this because they are forced into the position, […]

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  • hotwire

    I Hate Hotwire

    Jul 21

    I’m a Hotwire user.  My buddies, Kris Dunn and Matt Stollak, got me to use it.  The first time I was really nervous.  I didn’t like I couldn’t see what hotel and location I was getting exactly.  I loved the price I was going to pay, it was always like 40%+ off the hotel’s own […]

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  • silver_bullet

    Recruiting’s Silver Bullet

    Jul 18

    I don’t have a tattoo, but if I did it would say this: “Pick Up The G*d Damn Phone!” That’s it.  It would probably be one of those cool barbed wire kind of ones around my bicep, if I had biceps. Maybe I could even get it in another language so people would think it […]

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