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    T3 – Microsoft Excel

    Oct 6

    Wait a minute, this isn’t April Fool’s Day is it? On a daily basis I’m reminded at how much of HR and TA (Talent Acquisition – but I’m now just going with TA for the rest of time) Technology is really just Excel spreadsheets and Word docs.  That isn’t a knock on HR and TA […]

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  • shawshank-robbins-rain

    The Most Powerful Employee Motivator of All

    Oct 5

    I was once fired from a job.  I won’t go into the story because we all have a story and we all frame it to sound like a victim. In hindsight, many years removed, I would have fired me to! After being fired I could only think about one thing. It consumed me. I wanted […]

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    Michigan Recruiters Conference #MiRecruits @MiRecruits

    Oct 2

    Over a year ago Jim D’Amico and I started talking about how cool it would be to have a Recruiting only conference right here in our great state of Michigan! We had some models of how some others did it, primarily Paul DeBettignies out of Minnesota, and we decided to give it a try.  HR […]

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