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  • After Thanksgiving

    5 Things HR Pros Do At Work The Day After Thanksgiving!

    Nov 27

    The Friday after the Thanksgiving holiday has to be the most useless day of work ever.  I know many folks who still don’t get this off as a holiday, and either have to burn vacation or burn PTO to get this day off paid – obviously not including all of those folks who work in […]

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  • thanksgiving-wallpaper01

    The Sackett Thanksgiving Menu

    Nov 26

    It’s Thanksgiving in America and you’re reading a blog post.  I’m assuming a few things about you at this moment: 1. You’re bored because you have family around that is driving you nuts. 2. You’re in a food coma and need the nice warm glow of a screen in your face. 3. You’re not in […]

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  • Best_Places_to_Work

    The Best Places To Work for Men!

    Nov 25

    Have you noticed that Best Places type lists are starting to go a bit far.  I get we need lists like Best Places to Work for Women, Minorities, LGBT, etc. It just seems like we’ve jumped the shark when it comes to best places to work lists.  At this point, anyone can get on one […]

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