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    The Open Office Terrorists

    May 22

    So, how’s that new open office plan treating you!? A recent study out says that it takes a normal person roughly 37 seconds to figure out working in an open office environment is going to suck! I mean, those were probably the slow people in the study, it doesn’t take a mental genius to see […]

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    Top 10 Sources of Online Hires

    May 21

    Silkroad recently released some results from it’s annual client survey (also released by Indeed as you can imagine from the results!), which is a rather large sample. The chart that caught my eye was this one: Keep in mind these are external online sources only. These don’t include an companies own career site, employee referrals, […]

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    How to solve one of the America’s Toughest Recruiting Challenges

    May 20

    Hey, Tech Recruiters your job is really hard isn’t it?  Do you want to know a recruiting job that is about a hundred times harder than yours? Try recruiting Truck Drivers! The Truck Driving recruiting industry is insane.  It’s reported that right now there are 36,000 Truck Driver open position in the U.S.!  Go to […]

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