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  • Developing_Employees

    5 Things Leaders Need To Know About Developing Employees

    Dec 22

    I think we try and deliver a message in organizations that all employees need and want to be developed.  This is a lie.  Many of our employees do want and need development. Some don’t need it, they’re better than you.  Some don’t want it, just give me my check.  Too many of our leaders truly […]

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  • Santa card

    HR’s Greeting Cards

    Dec 19

    Around the holidays I go out and get greeting cards to send out to various friends and family.  We also receive a ton of holiday cards at home and work. I’m always amazed at how specific the greeting card companies have gotten.  Just this past week my own Mom send a card to my wife […]

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  • Sometimes You Paint Fish in Vaginas

    Dec 18

    Pablo Picasso is one of the greatest and most influential artists of the 20th century. He has some of the greatest works ever made.  He also made this. It’s called The Mackerel. Yep. One of the greatest artist ever made this. You see, to make great works, you have to make a lot of works. […]

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