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  • Ted

    Will ‘Facebook at Work’ be a LinkedIn Killer?

    Nov 21

    At this point you’ve seen the announcement, Facebook has decided to go after some of that ‘professional’ networking money, with a product called Facebook at Work. A space currently owned by the LinkedIn empire.  Who does social networking better than anyone?  Most would argue Facebook. The kids might say Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, etc.  But the […]

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  • office-holiday-party-madmen3

    Sackett’s Office Holiday Party Rules

    Nov 20

    It’s fast becoming that time of year when you’ll be invited to office holiday parties across the world!  This is one of my favorite times of the year.  Let’s face it, I’m married and 40sih, the office holiday parties are one of the few times a year I have a get out of jail free […]

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  • Thought-Leaders

    6 Faces of Thought Leadership

    Nov 19

    I’m not sure when this started, but recently I’ve been introduced as a “Thought Leader”.  At first is was flattering.  Wow, a ‘Thought Leader’!  I wasn’t sure what it meant, but it sounded cool.  You mean, I’m a ‘Thought Leader’ like Steve Jobs? Well, slow down Sparky, not quite like Steve Jobs. Oh!? Then a […]

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