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    What Kind of Mentor Are You?

    Aug 28

    I got asked to be a mentor for someone recently.  It’s not the first time I’ve been asked, but I found myself wondering what ‘Tim Sackett’ as a mentor should look like.  Maybe it’s where I’m at in my career, but I found myself wondering what is it that I could really give someone coming […]

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  • school_bus

    Riding The School Bus

    Aug 27

    It’s that time of year when parents and kids make a big decision, to ride or not ride the school bus! From the Project archives. I read a very funny quote today from a comedian, Jenny Johnson, which she said “If you rode the school bus as a kid, your parents hated you.” It made me […]

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  • Why I can Recruit and You can’t

    Aug 26

    TaxFoundation.org recently released a map that shows how much $100 is worth for each state.  The concept being where you live has a huge impact to what you can afford to buy with that same $100 bill. Here’s the map: It begs the question, why would anyone live in D.C.? Or New York? Or California? […]

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