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    30,000 Days

    Apr 18

    I had something happen to me recently that was really just one more reminder that life can change in an instant.  It seems like life has a way of trying to shake us awake and bring your focus back to what’s really important, when we start to focus on things that really aren’t that important. […]

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  • not honest

    Can I Be Completely Honest?

    Apr 17

    “Can I be completely honest with you?” is a phrase usually followed by some sh*t you don’t want to hear.  We talk about this concept a bunch in HR.  We need to tell our employees the truth about their performance.  We work to coach managers of people on how to deliver this message appropriately.  We […]

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  • Work-at-Home

    Homing From Work

    Apr 16

    This might be the phrase for 2014.  Every year we get stupid business phrases that become part of our lexicon: “Use it or lose it!” “Necessary Evil” “A seat at the table” “Thinking outside the box” “Silo Mentality” “At the end of the day…” For 2014 I’m calling it – “Homing from Work!” Fast Company […]

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