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    Taking a Vacation from my Vacation

    Jul 27

    I’ve got three sons, which I mostly love.  My youngest will ask frequently who I love most.  I always tell him I love him the most, unless his brothers are around, then I tell him it depends on the day.  Of course my wife, she takes the easy route and says she loves them all […]

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    Your Company’s History, is History

    Jul 24

    Is it important to KFC that Colonel Sanders wasn’t really a real Colonel? Is it important to suburban teen clothing company, Hollister Co. that none of it’s history is real? Is it important to your company about how it was started, who started it, etc. You know, the backstory.  Is your company’s backstory important to […]

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    Checking Work Email, Isn’t Working!

    Jul 23

    For most of their careers, my parents could never check their work email at home.  It did mean that they probably stopped working when they got home, unlike most professional employees today.  My parents also rarely made it home at 5pm, and worked in the office many Saturdays and Sundays when the work needed to […]

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