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  • The Project Product Reviews: Lunch Balancer

    Jul 25

    I get pimped weekly to review products/services/books/etc., and I actually do a bunch of reviews.  I have a couple of rules to do reviews: 1. Whatever it is you want me to review, I need full access.  You want me to review your recruiting tool, give me access to the system and let me play […]

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    4 Ways To Find Great Talent on Glassdoor

    Jul 24

    The next biggest recruiting play is not LinkedIn, or CareerBuilder, or Monster.  It’s Glassdoor!  But you wouldn’t know that, because you still see them as a place where former employees and zombies go to bitch about your company and bad managers.  It’s not! Kris Dunn and I are going to show you, in this month’s […]

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    If Only They Could Hear What I Have To Say…

    Jul 23

    It’s the age old resume problem.  We’ve all had it one time or another.  When I was early in my HR career I desperately wanted to work for Nike.  I had this vision in my head that it would be such a super cool place to work, I was a huge brand advocate, Nike couldn’t […]

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