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  • Best_Places_to_Work

    The Best Places To Work for Men!

    Nov 25

    Have you noticed that Best Places type lists are starting to go a bit far.  I get we need lists like Best Places to Work for Women, Minorities, LGBT, etc. It just seems like we’ve jumped the shark when it comes to best places to work lists.  At this point, anyone can get on one […]

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  • Truth-O-Meter

    What Would It Take To Get Your Employee To Leave You?

    Nov 24

    Anthology (formerly Poachable) came out with a fun survey recently that polled where current employees of some of the hottest tech companies would go if given the chance.  The results are interesting and really speak to organizational fit, and the appetite for risk, in the employees you hire. On the outset, I would assume any talented […]

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  • job hopping

    Career ADHD: Is Employee Tenure Still Important?

    Nov 23

    I keep getting told by folks who tend to know way more than me that employees ‘today’ don’t care about staying at a company long term. “Tim you just don’t get it, the younger workforce just wants to spend one to three years at a job than leave for something new and different.” You’re right! […]

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