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    Riding The School Bus

    Aug 27

    It’s that time of year when parents and kids make a big decision, to ride or not ride the school bus! From the Project archives. I read a very funny quote today from a comedian, Jenny Johnson, which she said “If you rode the school bus as a kid, your parents hated you.” It made me […]

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  • Why I can Recruit and You can’t

    Aug 26

    TaxFoundation.org recently released a map that shows how much $100 is worth for each state.  The concept being where you live has a huge impact to what you can afford to buy with that same $100 bill. Here’s the map: It begs the question, why would anyone live in D.C.? Or New York? Or California? […]

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  • coach yelling

    The Managers as Coaches Myth

    Aug 25

    This isn’t necessarily a new concept, but it’s one that is popping up a ton lately in conversation.  The basic concept is we should be our managers and supervisors to be ‘coaches’ to their employees, not managers.   The view from Organizational Development and Training folks is that coaches are more of a representative of […]

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