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    Expecting Expectations

    Sep 19

    Down at ERE’s Fall conference this week and was a little surprised at how many session speakers talked about ‘expectations’ in talent acquisitions.  It seems like talent acquisition 101, but by the amount of conversations being had on this one topic it was pretty clear that as a function talent acquisition is still doing a […]

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  • recuiter frustrated

    Recruiters! Conferences Don’t Care About You!

    Sep 18

    I’m down at ERE’s Fall Conference in Chicago this week.  It’s a conference designed for Talent Acquistion leaders (FYI – they don’t like to be called ‘Recruiters’).  It’s really cool the folks at ERE do a great job putting together great content and work to push the role of Talent Acquisition forward in organizations around […]

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  • Study Finds Link Between Workplace Back Rubs and Creepy Bosses

    Sep 17

    *The study was done by me. **I just fine Trump creepy ***I expect Willy would be creepier, given the kid factor

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