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Oct 8

The Only Candidate Available

Almost every single week of my life for the last twenty years I’ve had to deal with an issue that just seems to never go away. I didn’t matter if I was in a HR or TA role, I was always involved with working with hiring managers who always had some sort of opening, even […]

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Oct 7

5 Tips for Creating a More Human Workplace #WorkHuman

Better Than Robots: Why Your Employees Deserve a More Human Workplace This is a Free Webinar sponsored by Globoforce – Register Here – Wednesday, October 14th at 2 p.m. ET | 11 a.m. PT | 1 p.m. CT | 6 p.m. GMT This is going to be fun! We won’t be coming to live from my Camry, but […]

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Oct 6

T3 – Microsoft Excel

Wait a minute, this isn’t April Fool’s Day is it? On a daily basis I’m reminded at how much of HR and TA (Talent Acquisition – but I’m now just going with TA for the rest of time) Technology is really just Excel spreadsheets and Word docs.  That isn’t a knock on HR and TA […]

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Oct 5

The Most Powerful Employee Motivator of All

I was once fired from a job.  I won’t go into the story because we all have a story and we all frame it to sound like a victim. In hindsight, many years removed, I would have fired me to! After being fired I could only think about one thing. It consumed me. I wanted […]

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Oct 2

Michigan Recruiters Conference #MiRecruits @MiRecruits

Over a year ago Jim D’Amico and I started talking about how cool it would be to have a Recruiting only conference right here in our great state of Michigan! We had some models of how some others did it, primarily Paul DeBettignies out of Minnesota, and we decided to give it a try.  HR […]

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Oct 1

The Three Loves Job Theory

Helen Fisher, PhD. is a Biological Anthropologist and Chief Scientific Advisor to the Internet dating site  Helen’s life work is centered around the Three Loves Theory, which helps us better understand our relationships. The Three Loves Theory basically says not all love we feel is experienced equally.  Fisher have studied the cognitive and neurobiological processes […]

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Network effect
Sep 30

3 Things You Desperately Need to Understand About Your Employment Branding

Employment Branding is the new black. It’s been the new black for a few seasons now, so I keep waiting to see what’s next.  Talent Acquisition technology (mostly CRM based tools) are really hot right now and will get hotter in the future, but EB is still king for the moment. Why?  Mostly because the […]

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paysavvy logo
Sep 29

T3 – @Paysavvy

This week on T3 I take a look at the ‘modern day alternative to ADP’, Paysavvy. Paysavvy is a Canadian company that is a fully integrated payroll, HR, and time management for mid-sized companies.  I usually wouldn’t right about a payroll company on T3 but Paysavvy is a little different. Only five years old, they […]

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Sep 28

The 1 Reason You’re Afraid To Make Recruiting Simple

Have you ever wondered why Recruiting Departments continue to make complex processes?  In reality, all of us, wants things simple.  But, when you look at our organizations they are filled with complexity.  It seems like the more we try to make things simple, the more complex they get.  You know what?  It’s you. It’s not […]

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Sep 25

Live Streaming Today @Glassdoor’s Employer Branding Summit

Today from 10am EST to 6:30pm EST – Glassdoor is Live Streaming their entire Employer Branding Summit from San Francisco! Kris Dunn and I will be hosting the Live Stream with a Special Kick Off show starting at 10am EST, Halftime show at 3pm EST and special segments at breaks throughout the day!  We will […]

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