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Oct 21

T3 – Talent Techie Tuesday

I’ve decided I need a new series.  My last series – Rap Lyrics That Shaped My Leadership Style – was hugely popular and on a weekly basis still gets way more reads than it should! I’m calling it T3 (Talent Techie Tuesday). My goal is to demo and review the coolest Talent Acquisition and Sourcing […]

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Oct 20

Unlimited Vacation Policies Suck!

Well, it had to happen, unlimited vacation policies have jumped the shark!  Billionaire Richard Branson announced this week his company, Virgin Group, would begin offering unlimited vacation to all corporate employees. Here’s a statement from Richard: “Take a holiday whenever you want. Take as much holiday as you want. We’re not going to keep a […]

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Oct 17

HR’s Ebola Crisis Plan!

Wait for it… Any minute now some executive is going to come into your office and ask ‘you’ what you’re doing about this Ebola outbreak! I’m not trying to slight the importance and the tragedy that disease is currently on path to creating in West Africa, it’s horrific.  But our American media is bringing this […]

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Oct 16

The Problem With Executives Estimating Risk

I harp on my peers when I speak about our role as HR Pros.  I tell HR Pros it is not our job to eliminate risk, it’s our job to advise risk, then let our executives make choices based on that perceived risk, with our influence.   It sounds really good when I say it […]

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Oct 15

ACA Complaince – HR, You’re In Trouble!

I wanted to title this – “The most boring post ever!” But you guys know I couldn’t write a boring post! Going through my debrief of HR Tech and I had a meeting with ADP regarding health care reform compliance.  Yes. It was as boring as it sounds!  But there’s a catch, this is stuff […]

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Dream job
Oct 14

Dream Jobs Are A Lie

I hate that we are meant to feel that we should have our dream job.  It’s drilled into our society at nausea from mass media, our celebrities, our teachers and spiritual leaders. It’s all basically complete bullshit, but we eat it up like it came directly from G*d. It didn’t.  Whichever G*d you believe in, […]

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The Voice
Oct 13

The Voice – Picking Leaders

I like watching the TV show The Voice. It’s singing competition show that has four famous singer judges who compete against each other by picking teams of singers who compete against each other.  The Voice doesn’t allow the professional judges/coaches actually physically see the participants before they’re selected. It’s a ‘blind’ audition. They can hear […]

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Insert Brain Here
Oct 10

Is Your Personal Strength Your Biggest Weakness?

I’ve always been a huge fan of adult learners ignoring their weaknesses and focusing on bettering their strengths.  This goes against almost every single OD department in the corporate world where employee weaknesses have to be improved at all costs!  Adult learning studies have proven time and again that after a certain point in a […]

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big data
Oct 9

The Big Data Conundrum #hrtechconf

I’m at the HR Technology Conference this week and one of the big themes for the last couple of years has been ‘Big Data’.  Every product has it, and every sale rep is selling it.  The problem is most HR pros really don’t understand Big Data.  Let’s face it, most of the people selling Big […]

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Halogen 1
Oct 8

Are Your Managers Really Doing their One-on-Ones?

I’m at the HR Tech Conference this week, so plan on some short and quick posts about cool stuff I’m seeing.  Today, I got to demo Halogen’s new, and Top Award winner for 2014, 1:1 Exchange.  It’s a module within their performance management suite that makes manager and employee one-on-one meetings a breeze! Here’s the […]

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