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Jul 24

4 Ways To Find Great Talent on Glassdoor

The next biggest recruiting play is not LinkedIn, or CareerBuilder, or Monster.  It’s Glassdoor!  But you wouldn’t know that, because you still see them as a place where former employees and zombies go to bitch about your company and bad managers.  It’s not! Kris Dunn and I are going to show you, in this month’s […]

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Jul 23

If Only They Could Hear What I Have To Say…

It’s the age old resume problem.  We’ve all had it one time or another.  When I was early in my HR career I desperately wanted to work for Nike.  I had this vision in my head that it would be such a super cool place to work, I was a huge brand advocate, Nike couldn’t […]

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Jul 22

I was fired for taking a 15 Minute dump

I believe in natural selection.  When the internet when crazy last week because some little known company was only allowing their employees 6 minutes to use the bathroom each day, I didn’t have a strong reaction.  I didn’t care because I know, from experience, companies only do this because they are forced into the position, […]

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Jul 21

I Hate Hotwire

I’m a Hotwire user.  My buddies, Kris Dunn and Matt Stollak, got me to use it.  The first time I was really nervous.  I didn’t like I couldn’t see what hotel and location I was getting exactly.  I loved the price I was going to pay, it was always like 40%+ off the hotel’s own […]

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Jul 18

Recruiting’s Silver Bullet

I don’t have a tattoo, but if I did it would say this: “Pick Up The G*d Damn Phone!” That’s it.  It would probably be one of those cool barbed wire kind of ones around my bicep, if I had biceps. Maybe I could even get it in another language so people would think it […]

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Jul 17

The #1 Technical Recruiting Firm In The World

I’m happy to announce that today that my company, HRU Technical Resources, is the #1 company in the world when it comes to Engineering and IT staffing!  Yay, me! Is that freaking awesome!!!  Wow, unbelievable, I’m so excited.  If you want to work with us, the #1 Technical Recruiting Firm in the World, just give […]

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jimmy v
Jul 16

Don’t Give Up, Don’t Ever Give Up

Today is the 10th anniversary of ESPN’s Espy Awards and the 10th anniversary of, North Carolina State’s Head Basketball Coach, Jimmy Valvano’s incredible speech at the first ever Espy’s.  At the time of the speech Jimmy V was dying of cancer.  It’s one of the greatest speeches you’ll ever hear.  Well worth 11 minutes if […]

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too much
Jul 15

The 1 Problem with Posting on LinkedIn

LinkedIn made me internet famous for a day with my 11 Rules for Hugging at Work.  That one post got me a gig on Huffington Post, has gotten me speaking gigs and has gotten me clients at HRU.  My immediate reaction on the back channel to my close friends was “Holy Sh*t! This LinkedIn publishing […]

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potato salad
Jul 14

Content Isn’t King

Ideas are king. A guy made $50K for his potato salad kickstarter campaign. Not because it was some great potato salad (content), because it was an awesome idea that was funny and people are willing to spend $10 to be a part of a funny, awesome idea that no one else thought of.  The next […]

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Jul 11

Resume Objectives Sent from G*d

This is an actual resume objective from an actual candidate’s resume that was submitted for a position at my company (HRU Technical Resources) this past week: Objective: 1. Move out of my apartment after 4 years of living there. 2. Buy house 3. Buy ring, find girlfriend, marry her. 4. Continue investing for retirement 5. […]

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