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Oct 1

I’m Hiring! Are you sure you want to work for me?

Okay, I’m adding a Recruiter to my team.  At we do mostly engineering and IT contract recruiting, some direct placement recruiting and some project RPO work for clients around the country. I would put my team up against anyone.  They’re that good, and most are home grown!  That’s right, the majority of our staff […]

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Sep 30

How Valuable Is Face to Face Communication?

A single face to face conversation is worth 10 telephone conversations. How many conversations have you had today?

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Sep 29

Are You Tired of Your Employment Brand?

You might be tired of your employment brand…but your candidates aren’t! That’s real. This happens all the time in organizations.  Talent acquisition isn’t feeling successful, or they’re getting pressure to do more/better/faster, and they start looking for excuses.  The one excuse that always comes up is ‘our employment brand is old/tired/sucks, etc.’   It might […]

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crappy job
Sep 26

The Crappy Job Badge of Honor

As some of you may have realized from recent posts (Wanted: People Who Aren’t Stupid), I’ve been interviewing candidates recently for the position of Technical Recruiter working for my company HRU. I love interviewing because each time I interview I think I’ve discovered a better way to do it, or something new I should be […]

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suck less 1
Sep 25

Make HR Suck Less

Are you working in a HR department that sucks?  You know if you are, it’s alright, you can admit it – it’s the first step of changing it. I bet I talk to over a hundred HR Pros a year that begin the conversation with – “our HR department sucks!” or “my company doesn’t get […]

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Sep 24

What Do You See When You Look In The Mirror

Was at ERE last week and got the chance to see John Robinson speak.  Here’s his story: Very cool story and great example of a person who rises up over all that life can throw at you.  We all need these reminders, more than we usually get them.  Think your life is hard?  How about […]

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iphone 6
Sep 23

Making Your Jobs iPhone 6 Plus

I think there is an epidemic in our society, and I’m going to blame Apple.  Sure other cell phone companies do the same thing, but Apple was the one who really made this such an issue.  Last week Apple released the latest version of the iPhone and the entire world stood in line to get […]

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Sep 22

The 6 Things You Need To Know To Be Great At HR

The one great thing I love about going to HR and Talent conferences is that you always get reminded about what really good HR should look like.  It doesn’t mean that your shop will be there, but it gives you something to shoot for.  I’ll admit, sometimes it can be frustrating listening to some HR […]

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Sep 19

Expecting Expectations

Down at ERE’s Fall conference this week and was a little surprised at how many session speakers talked about ‘expectations’ in talent acquisitions.  It seems like talent acquisition 101, but by the amount of conversations being had on this one topic it was pretty clear that as a function talent acquisition is still doing a […]

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recuiter frustrated
Sep 18

Recruiters! Conferences Don’t Care About You!

I’m down at ERE’s Fall Conference in Chicago this week.  It’s a conference designed for Talent Acquistion leaders (FYI – they don’t like to be called ‘Recruiters’).  It’s really cool the folks at ERE do a great job putting together great content and work to push the role of Talent Acquisition forward in organizations around […]

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