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Oct 30

7 Rules for your Office Halloween Party

Is your office dressing up for Halloween? Mine isn’t.  It’s not that I wouldn’t.  Okay, I wouldn’t.  But if others wanted to, I wouldn’t say “no”.  I mean everyone has that one person in their office that’s a little way too excited over Halloween.  I get it.  I have kids.  They lose their minds at […]

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Oct 29

Are You Reliable or Flashy?

I’m going to put this into a car analogy.  Reliable is a Honda Accord or a Toyota Camry.  Flashy is a Chevy Camaro or a Dodge Charger.  You really can’t be both. In the auto world the closest thing to being both is a Tesla, and most people can’t afford one of those! You either […]

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The Resumator
Oct 28

T3 – The Resumator

  T3 – Talent Tech Tuesday – is a weekly series here at The Project to educate and inform everyone who stops by on a daily/weekly basis on some great recruiting and sourcing technologies that are on the market.  None of the companies who I highlight are paying me for this promotion.  There are so […]

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EWS 2014
Oct 27

Recruitment Marketing Is Not One-size Fits All!

Hey, gang I’m running a sponsored post by the great folks at Spherion regarding their 2014 Emerging Workforce Study which has some really great data, check it out.  The big ‘Wow’ that came out of the study for me is how organizations might be discounting how potential workers are using social media to influence their decision on […]

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cast away
Oct 24

You Need a Professional Tribe

One of the things I speak about when presenting to HR pros is there need to become part of the ‘Tribe’.  Meaning, if you want to have your seat at the table, you want to gain influence with your leadership team, you need to become part of that tribe.  How do you do that? Well, […]

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patient zero
Oct 23


All this Ebola talk and Patient-Zero stuff has got me all fired up to be an investigator!  I can’t even imagine the nightmare it must be to try and track back all this illness to the first person.  But, it’s also the coolest thing that they can actually do that! What if we could trace […]

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talking in car
Oct 22

5 Signs Your Employees Are Interviewing For Other Jobs

A few weeks back Kris Dunn, Laurie Ruettimann and I did a series for SumTotal called HR Hangouts.  The concept was to get on a Google Hangout for twenty minutes and just talk about real HR things. Basically, watercooler conversations for the modern world.  Quick and easy.  Here’s the actual video (it’s about 20 minutes […]

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T3 logo
Oct 21

T3 – Talent Techie Tuesday

I’ve decided I need a new series.  My last series – Rap Lyrics That Shaped My Leadership Style – was hugely popular and on a weekly basis still gets way more reads than it should! I’m calling it T3 (Talent Techie Tuesday). My goal is to demo and review the coolest Talent Acquisition and Sourcing […]

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Oct 20

Unlimited Vacation Policies Suck!

Well, it had to happen, unlimited vacation policies have jumped the shark!  Billionaire Richard Branson announced this week his company, Virgin Group, would begin offering unlimited vacation to all corporate employees. Here’s a statement from Richard: “Take a holiday whenever you want. Take as much holiday as you want. We’re not going to keep a […]

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Oct 17

HR’s Ebola Crisis Plan!

Wait for it… Any minute now some executive is going to come into your office and ask ‘you’ what you’re doing about this Ebola outbreak! I’m not trying to slight the importance and the tragedy that disease is currently on path to creating in West Africa, it’s horrific.  But our American media is bringing this […]

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