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Apr 16

Homing From Work

This might be the phrase for 2014.  Every year we get stupid business phrases that become part of our lexicon: “Use it or lose it!” “Necessary Evil” “A seat at the table” “Thinking outside the box” “Silo Mentality” “At the end of the day…” For 2014 I’m calling it – “Homing from Work!” Fast Company […]

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Apr 15

Breaking Down The 6 Seconds Of Your Resume

The Ladders released some research in the past couple of weeks that focused on how a recruiter reads your resume.  It was really good stuff for job seekers to pay attention to, but it was mostly sent to HR and Recruiter types who shrugged their shoulders and thought ‘Yeah, so.” Basically, what the study showed […]

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Apr 14

5 Traits of Lousy HR Leaders

The things you can always count on in life are: death, taxes and a lousy HR leader in your organization.  I think I saw that on a t-shirt at SHRM National one year!  The reality is, HR leaders are selected a little different than most leaders in our organization.  Most leadership is selected this way […]

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Apr 11

The Secret to Great HR

(I’m on vacation, that’s not a secret, but this post is because it ran in Jan. 2010 almost no one read it!) I was given a gift this past holiday season – my brother bought me Bill Simmons’ latest book, The Book of Basketball- which is quite possibly the greatest book ever written, all 700 pages […]

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Apr 10

Candidates with Hickeys

(I’m on vacation – I originally posted this in Feb. 2010 over at Fistful of Talent. Also going on 16,123 days of never having a Hickey!) Kris Dunn, our the HR Capitalist, had a blog post “How To Destroy a Lifetime of Trust as an HR Pro in a Single Day…” where he explained how a direct […]

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healthy employees
Apr 9

Attention Employees: Get Healthy, Or You’re Fired.

(I’m on vacation, I originally posted this on Fistful of Talent in August of 2009 -way before Obamacare, but still rings true!) I love companies that have had enough and aren’t going to take it anymore (Network clip). I also love listening to the workers, of said company, complain about how their company is “being intrusive” because […]

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I won't do that
Apr 8

7 Things I Wouldn’t Do To Get A Job

(I’m on vacation, I originally posted this in 2009 – except for #7, that’s new, not the feeling but to this post!) A Wall Street Journal article, by Joann S. Lublin, raised the question: ”What won’t you do for a Job?“  Which got me thinking about what are those things I wouldn’t do for a job.  First, […]

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lottery winner
Apr 7

The Great Job Lottery!

(This originally ran in 2011 on The Project. Only 14 people read my stuff back then, so you probably missed it!) You know what’s funny (well, I think it’s funny anyway), I refuse to play the Lotto. Any of the games: PowerBall, MegaMillions, etc. Until they get above $100 Million!  Once they get above $100 Million, […]

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Tim and Minnie
Apr 4

3 Ways To Change Your Life, Overnight!

Yo!  I’m on vacation for the next week.  Instead of writing I’m gong to run old posts that no one read, but I thought were brilliant.  That’s the hard part because I think everything I write is brilliant.  Some of the stuff really gets well read, and some of the stuff just sits there and […]

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Apr 3

7 Habits Of Remarkably Likeable HR Managers

Ripped from the pages of Inc. Magazine’s recent article 7 Habits of Remarkably Likeable Bosses, I give you…something slightly different: 7 Habits Of Remarkably Likeable HR Managers! 1. They are named “Kay”.  Have you ever really not liked someone named, Kay!?  Kay just seems like a friendly lady with at least 3 cats and grandchildren, […]

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