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pet died
Aug 22

My Pet Died. Should I tell the interviewer?

Last week I did an entire post on ‘excuses’ candidates give when missing or cancelling interviews, check it out here.  Then I get a question sent to me from a reader, who was getting ready to leave for an interview, that very day, and had their pet die.  Her question to me, “should I tell […]

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Aug 21

It’s Too Long

Wait for it… “That’s what she said!” I saved you the trouble. Being too long is a major problem in the world today.  People aren’t willing to wait, primarily because they don’t have to.  Baseball can’t attract a young audience because the kids don’t want to sit around for three hours, at a minimum, to […]

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first timers
Aug 20

1st Timers Guide To Buying HR Technology and High Priced Handbags

STOP! Calibrate and Listen…before you go, “Ugh! Tim’s doing another webinar!”, check this out – it’s different than other stuff we’ve done.  Negotiating job board contracts, annual ATS service agreements, knowing what new technology to buy, etc. It’s all way frustrating and confusing…for me, and I’m guessing you.  I want us all to get better […]

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Aug 19

There Are Only 6 Ways To Engage Employees

We think there are millions of ways to engage, or disengage, employees but there aren’t.  Truly, there are only six.  The six basic emotions we feel as humans, which are: 1. Anger 2. Disgust 3. Fear 4. Happiness 5. Sadness 6. Surprise. Knowing there are only six doesn’t necessarily make it any easy for us […]

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Aug 18

10 Mistakes You Don’t Want To Make In HR

I thought it was time that I randomly start listing mistakes we make in HR and letting those coming into HR what not to do.  So, here you go, enjoy! 10 mistakes you don’t want to make in HR: 1. Hiring someone who reschedules their drug test more than once.  I’m willing to give someone […]

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Aug 15

The Corruptible Effect of Praise

This is a quote from Albert Einstein: “The only way to escape the corruptible effect of praise is to go on working.”   That’s pretty powerful.  When I first read the quote I thought to myself, Albert believes praising someone for their work is a bad thing.  He was a really smart dude, so I […]

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Aug 14

I Hate Buying HR Software!

I’m your typical HR buyer.  Each year I negotiate contracts on a number of products, from ATS, HRMS, Recruiting Tools, Selection Tools, etc.   I usually demo and look at 6-10 new products each year.  Okay, I’m not typical that way, I love new stuff and what it can do, so I like to check […]

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Aug 13

Can Corporate Recruiters Poach?

Before we get right in and answer this question, let’s all get on the same page.  What is Poaching?  Wiki defines it as: “Poaching has traditionally been defined as the illegal hunting, killing or capturing of wild animals, usually associated with land use rights.” It can also be a cooking term, like Poached Eggs or […]

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Aug 12

The Candidate Fade Away

There’s this thing that happens with dating nowadays, called the Fade Away.  I know this because I have teenage sons.  The Fade Away is when you’re dating someone and you know it’s not for you long term, but instead of just telling that person you start the Fade Away process. You stop talking, and start […]

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Aug 11

The 5 Most Common “I Missed My Interview” Excuses

There’s one thing that happens to all recruiters when the job market shifts from employer driven to candidate driven: candidates accept interviews, then don’t show or cancel at the last minute.  Many times the candidates come up with the lamest excuses on why they have to cancel. Rarely, will they just come out and say, […]

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